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A valuable mentor and advisor, Linda, has proffered up a <a href="">31-Day Blogging Challenge</a> for the month of January. As best I can, I want to be able to relate these challenges to my areas of focus in my own material and content, so I hope you'll check out my daily challenges for things that are useful to you in your own life and that make downtown Memphis so awesome. Wish me luck!

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    15 Things to Know about Being Mental

    I’ve learned that if you can’t laugh at your mental illness(es) sometimes, you really will lose your damn mind — and your sense of self. I’ve lost both. Then I found ’em chasing each other through the broken glass of a downtown alley, cut myself up dragging them back against their will. If you love someone who’s living life despite their mental illness, there are some things you might appreciate knowing so you both stay a little more sane. That said, I’m not a licensed professional and this is purely anecdotal and from my own experiences and work with my therapist. This kind of took on a life of its…

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    Blogging Challenge

    Day 19: The Week in Review

    I don’t know if it was just my way, but this week felt like time was slogging through a vat of cold molasses. Here we are finally, though. Friday. Let’s do a little blogging challenge week in review, shall we? Here’s a look at my fave news pops from the week. Join the discussion! Monday I had to go see a guy about a possible concussion — a great story for another time — and I was lightheaded and jittery. My anxiety was high and my nerves were shot after a crap weekend. With shaky hands, I filled out a mountain of paperwork and waited to hear my name. Scrolling…

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    Day 16: Thanks, Kid.

    I know you feel stuck, Kid; you’re fighting what feels like an impossible fight and you’re not gaining any ground. I know you had big dreams based on bigger promises and all that’s crashing down around you. You feel helpless and out of control. I know it hurts to breathe and you can’t imagine the new world order in front of you. I know your heart’s been broken so many times you’ve lost count. But thank you. For choosing to look past treatment that shook you to the core and challenged what it meant to love another person greater than yourself. Hell, for dealing with things that challenged you to…

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    Day 14: Proud

    “Write about what you are most proud of in your life right now.” Proud? Oi. The Struggle Bus So I’ve been struggling with the blogging challenge the past few days. Day 10 was to share a favorite soup recipe, but I don’t use recipes. Best I can tell you is go to Bardog and get the soup of the day because they’re all amazing. #LobsterBisque Day 11 was to share a story post about my favorite thing I did last summer. When I read that, I laughed. I spent last summer learning (read “struggling like hell”) to appreciate the quiet. That was agonizing. On day 12, it was to write…

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    Day 9: Dear Future Husband

    Blogging challenge: Write an encouraging letter to your parents, spouse, or children. Challenge indeed. Not married. No kids. Don’t really wanna delve into the parent thing. Funny how a topic that seems so simple and innocent is going to be the one that gives me the hardest time. I have no plans to birth things, so there’s no writing an encouraging letter to that future teenage daughter whose heart’s just been broken for the first time. I’d very much suck at this conversation anyway. Best I’ve got is “Get used to it, kid.” Maybe not the best route. As far as my folks, well… Spouse? Negative. While I’ve had a…

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    Day 8: Doing Life Better

    For many, the new year is all about trying to live better, fuller, happier, whatever-er. We pretend we can reset the system. And as much as I wish we could just start some things over, we can’t. So we’ve got to be real about where we are and create tangible plans for where we want to go. Today’s blogging challenge is to make a list of five ways we can take care of ourselves. While most people are focused on how to improve the physical around this time of year, I’d like to take a look at how to improve the mental. 1. Be in the Moment Anxiety is no…

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    Day 7: Lessons from 2018

    Today’s blogging challenge is to take a look at lessons learned from 2018 through a course, book, social media, article, or website. And that’s hard. I feel like I learned so much from last year. So how can I pick one thing? There are books and experiences galore, but one of the most impactful things I did was for a presentation in group therapy. I worked with another woman to share the enneagram, and if you’ve never heard of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), it’s kind of like a more scientific Myers-Briggs. Tons of corporations use this tool to manage their people and projects more efficiently. On a personal…

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    Day 6: Movie Review

    Today’s blogging challenge is to review a favorite movie from 2018. My choice was released just before the new year, and it hit home hard. You’ve probably heard of a little Netflix gem called Birdbox, yeah? I mean, in the first 7 days it was out, some 45 million people watched it. So I’m chilling at the a-p-t when the BFF messages me and tells me he’s watching Bird Box. He wants to see what all the fuss is about. That, and get all the memes. Well, hell. Now I gotta watch it too so we can chat about it. Confession: I’d seen articles about how the movie addressed the…

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    Day 5: Letter to Myself

    Today’s challenge is to write a letter to myself explaining to future me where I’ll be in a year. It’s kinda like a written vision board. What’s cool about today’s challenge is that I actually do a similar assignment like this with my students every year. They have certain prompts that they respond to, but the letter is a composition all their own. We seal them in envelopes and I lock them in a filing cabinet. They basically forget about them, and then I give them back out on the last day of school. The kids will leave themselves all kinds of neat things in these letters, too. Sometimes, they’ll…

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    Day 4: Share a Healthy Recipe

    Today’s blogging challenge is to share a healthy recipe. It could be one of mine or one of my faves. But instead of sharing my favorite salmon dish — because, let’s face it, you can find a million recipes out there — I thought I’d share a recipe you can’t get just anywhere. This is a recipe for a healthy you. In order to be a healthy you, there’s a lot of things that need to happen. But don’t let that scare you! The kitchen is a beautiful place. Magic happens here. Please keep in mind that all of these measurements are to taste and you really can’t have too…